Piccolo is the Physics Education Research Lab at Michigan State University's web server. Below are all the sites hosted on Piccolo. All work is Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commerical Licensed .


Projects and Practices in Physics is a transformed introductory calculus-based physics course that engages students in scientific practice through the use of modeling projects.


DATA Lab is a transformed introductory laboratory focused on experimental physics practices and teamwork.


Integrating Computation in Science Across the Mitten is an NSF funded initiative that aims to support high school teachers who wish to integrate computation into their physics classroom.


The Learning Machines Lab hosts a wiki to organize quantitative education research projects by researchers at Michigan State University and the University of Oslo including discussions of data, methods, and analysis.

Wordpress Sites

The Wordpress is used to host some PERL websites. You can login here if you have an account. Otherwise contact Danny Caballero to set up a site or account.


For new sites, contact Danny Caballero.