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 +===== Drafting a Proposal-Free Fall =====
 +==== Instructions ====
 +Your task is to draft a proposal that both presents your findings from
 +the Free Fall activity (or some aspect of it) as well as describes a
 +future study of interest. Details of successful proposals can be found
 +online, but your proposal should be capable of reporting the most
 +important aspects of your past and future work through figures and text.
 +It also should be brief, no more than two pages, one for the summary and
 +one for the proposed future work.
 +Please note, there is no expectation for you to format your work a
 +particular way or to spend a lot of time on the "​beauty"​ of it. As long
 +as the document is clear and previous data is presented effectively,​ you
 +do not need to consider an "​official format."​
 +==== Grading ====
 +Proposals are often peer reviewed by the granting agencies, a practice
 +that we will adopt in class. With your group, you will receive proposals
 +by other students that you will critique in class. You will discuss your
 +ideas and score the proposal according to the rubric. You and your group
 +will also agree on an assessment of the proposal, assigning a score and
 +determining if you would fund the investigation. Remember, both giving
 +and receiving constructive critique are skills that you will rely upon
 +many times in your future. Because of this, a score is not useful
 +without feedback. As a group, you are expected to provide information on
 +successful aspects of the proposal as well as ways in which you could
 +suggest improving.
 +The score for your Communication Project will follow the breakdown on
 +the rubric, divided between your tutor'​s review, the peer review you
 +receive, the peer reviews you provide others in the class.
 +==== Preparation ====
 +The Communication Project Homework you have completed so far, including
 +the feedback you have received, should help you determine how to
 +effectively communicate your ideas. In addition, we will hold a
 +"​Communication Project Prep Day" once during the semester to give an
 +extra opportunity to prepare before the first project is due. During
 +this class, you and your group can collaborate and critique each other'​s
 +ideas, discuss your previous experiment, and take extra data if
 +necessary. The more prepared you are walking into class that day, the
 +more it will benefit you -- please be sure to read the documentation
 +regarding that day.
 +**Some helpful resources:​**
 +Proposal Writing Examples - <​https://​​98jYQO>​ and <​https://​​LaLDSS>​
 +Peer review Tips - <​https://​​ZqjliG>​ and <​https://​​KRrRV8>​
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