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-[[Free Fall Experiment]]+Throughout the semester, students will be explore classic physical systems as a tool to increase their overall laboratory skills (i.e., experimental design, data analysis, collaboration,​ and scientific communication). In this course, students will be guided and supported through their development of these practices by emphasizing\\ 
 +  -How to carry out experiments effectively by collecting data while attempting to minimize uncertainty.\\ 
 +  -How to connect the results obtained experimentally with theoretical models in lecture while recognizing the limitations of each.\\ 
 +  -How to thoroughly document the experimental design, data collection and analysis, the results, and the discussion/​conclusions.\\ 
 +  -How to report and communicate findings obtained in the laboratory. 
 +[[Free Fall]] 
 +[[Inelastic Collisions]] 
 +[[Energy Transfer]] 
 +[[Standing Waves]]
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