For this activity, we will be sharing our code on the platform, which is a website similar to for running and editing Glowscript programs. You may choose to copy and paste the code from trinket into a new Glowscript program, or you can try out trinket for this activity. Both websites are useful, and they offer different affordances and constraints.

Snowman Activity: Making and Placing Shapes in Glowscript

Follow this link for the activity: link

You should see something that looks like this:

 trinket screenshot

In the first few lines of code, there is some green text is marked with a # character. These are called “comments”. The computer can't see them, but you can create comments to help with readability when you share code with other people. Read the comments in lines 3-9 and try following their instructions to start getting comfortable using glowscript.

Try working on your coding chops by creating a collection of shapes. We suggest taking your mind off the summer heat by making a snowman, like the one below:


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