Project 13: Part B: You spin me right round

Turns out, you have access to a high-powered water hose of the kind typically used to fend off boar tigers! This may come in handy, as the rotating platform of the generator has small little cups which would act perfectly to catch water. The cups line the platform at a distance $r_{0}=2.5\,{\rm m}$ from the center, and the hose can generate a constant force $F_{0}=200\,{N}$.

In order to prove to Aunt Entity that this high-powered water hose is a much better approach to power the generator – since she cannot follow your mathematical acrobatics – you must produce a visual display of the angular momentum vector to demonstrate that the platform does indeed begin to speed up quickly.

But not too fast! As luck would have it, your water supply is limited! Determine how long it will take for the generator to ramp up to the required kinetic energy, using Python's graphing capabilities.

Attached below are the remnants of crazy Dr. Wiley's attempt at a simulation, however he just could not finish the job. Take up where he left off!

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