4.0 (96-100%) - Perfect, I cannot think of anything else they could have done
\ \ \ \ \ All categories and aspects are present and no further improvement is necessary
3.75 (93-95%) - A very good notebook, they just have a couple of things they could improve on
\ \ \ \ \ All categories and most aspects are present but there are several aspects that have room for improvement
3.5 (87-92%) - A good notebook, could use some more work
\ \ \ \ \ All categories are present but there are some missing aspects or significant improvements to be made
3.0 (78-84%) - An alright notebook, they have some good stuff but it needs a lot of improvement
\ \ \ \ \ Most categories are present but are missing some aspects. Some aspects are good but others need a lot of improvement
2.5 (68-74%) - Not great, they left out very important pieces of information completely and what they have needs a lot of work
\ \ \ \ \ Many categories or aspects are left out and what is there needs major improvement
2.0 (65%) - Very weak notebook, they turned something in but that's about it
\ \ \ \ \ Most categories are nonexistent and what is present is done poorly
0.0 (0%) - Did not turn in a notebook

Experimental Design

  • Communication: Clearly record the steps and results of the experiment.
  • Scientific Process: Proceed intentionally through the experiment.
    • Communication
      • Diagrams are labeled and clear
      • Procedure is clear and detailed enough to reproduce the experiment
      • Observations are noted and related back to the concepts
      • Predictions are listed and explained
      • Reasoning/motivation shows why the experiment was carried out in this manner
    • Scientific process
      • List goals for each section of the lab
      • Did they plan ahead?
      • Did they work systematically? And intentionally?
      • Multiple trials
      • Attempts to improve accuracy


  • Uncertainty: Discuss uncertainty in measurements, models, and results.
  • Results: Present results in a clear way and support claims with evidence.
    • Uncertainty
      • Measurements
        • Recorded with uncertainty
        • Discuss sources of uncertainty
        • Uncertainty is quantified and explained
        • Worked to reduce uncertainty
      • Models
        • Compared models to observations
        • Discussion of limitations/assumptions of model
        • Corrections to model based on experimental results
    • Results
      • Plot (if one exists)
        • They graph their data in a way that makes sense
        • The plot tells us something significant about the experiment
          • Not just, x and y are linearly related
        • There is a best fit line and a slope
        • There are error bars on the data points
        • Error bars that make sense
        • They graphed their data in an interesting way that tells us something about the experimental parameters
      • Conclusions
        • They discuss the motivation of the experiment
        • They summarize the process
        • They discuss the result
          • Slope or other significant result is given with uncertainty and compared to some expectation
        • The significance of the result is discussed
        • It is tied it to the bigger picture (implications)
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