Jana Charbonneau


Major: Chemical engineering

Future plans: Finally finish my degree.

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed: Go to the helproom, it'll help you get all the homework done ezpz and maybe learn something too.

What do you recommend doing if you are struggling in class? Ask for help / go to the helproom!

Fun fact about me 2006 Time's Person of the Year World's Youngest Person (former)

Help room hours N/A

Turuu Ariunbold


Major: Electrical Engineer

Future plans: I want to work in an Electric Car industry

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed: You will be in a group learning environment so to succeed, communicate with your peers as much as you can, and it would much easier if you come to class well prepared.

What do you recommend doing if you are struggling in class? We’re all going to be in Help room so if you’re struggling please come to the help room.

Fun fact about me I love basketball and I used to play for Mongolian National Team U16.

Help room hours 6-7pm Monday

Mark Kemp


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Future plans: I want to get my MBA but until then take it one day at a time.

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed: HELPROOM! We want you to do well as much as you do so come to help room and we can work through it together

What do you recommend doing if you are struggling in class? Or you can use outside resources like YouTube to help breakdown some of the concepts that you struggle with

Fun fact about me I had a bear encounter in the woods

Help room hours 4-5pm Monday

Lilli Mack


Major: Mathematics with a minor in physics

Future plans: I plan on going into secondary education and getting certified to teach high school math and physics !

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed: Go to helproom hours with any questions or homework problems, we are here to help. When you're reading the preclass notes, write down the concepts that you had trouble with and being it to class to talk about with your peers and ULA.

Fun fact about me I can name every single country in the world !

Help room hours 3:45pm-4:30pm Friday

Krithi Sachithanand


Major: Computational Data Science

Future plans: Work as a Data Engineer/Analyst

What do you recommend doing if you are struggling in class? Create an equation sheet! It helps reinforce the concepts in your brain and prepares you for the exams.

Fun fact about me My favorite food combination is hot cheetos and oreos!

Help room hours 3-4pm on Monday

Ariela Yashinsky


Major: Mathematics

Future plans: Get my teaching certificate and teach high school math.

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed: Don't be afraid to speak up! Group work can be intimidating but your group members are a great resource for when you're confused and articulating your thoughts to others will strengthen your knowledge. Pay close attention to what concepts are important for exams, this will be super helpful for studying to make sure you review the right things .

What do you recommend doing if you are struggling in class? Come to the help room! There are so many people who want to help you understand. Google is also a great place to look for more information, if whatever you're working on doesn't make sense to you there are so many resources out there that might explain it in a way you understand.

Fun fact about me I love to sew and make my own stuff like clothes, bags, and anything in between!

Help room hours 5-6pm Monday

Megan Schwartz


Major: Applied Engineering Sciences

Future plans: Law School with an interest in Intellectual Property Litigation

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed: Taking notes on the preclass material is pivotal! Make sure you're understanding the homework problems, and if you're not, go to help room or make a study group (or both). Lastly, try to befriend the people in your groups. The class is much more enjoyable if you get along with the people you're working with.

What do you recommend doing if you are struggling in class? Class time is your friend, and the teaching staff is there to help. Engage during class discussion if you're struggling, we can help clarify your questions that would be harder to figure out on your own. Additionally, don't be afraid to utilize the help room, we have a lovely teaching staff who WILL make sure you leave with a better understanding than you came in with. Lastly, form study groups. All of y'all are going through the same thing, it makes it much easier to bounce ideas off of one another and get clarification on things you're lost on.

Fun fact about me My house was chosen for an episode of the 2000s home improvement show “Trading Spaces” … oh and I have pet rats

Help room hours N/A

Joshua Dixon


Major: Kinesiology

Future plans: I would like to locate a cause for idiopathic (unknown cause) scoliosis. Currently I am working on developing a new non-surgical technique for treating scoliosis.

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed: If you study hard in the beginning, it will make everything much easier towards the end. Additionally, pay attention to coding problems. On the test, it helps when you have an idea of what you are looking at. The in-class problems will be very helpful for thinking about coding in a physics setting.

What do you recommend doing if you are struggling in class? I highly recommend the help room. The help room helped me understand some essential physics concepts. If you are willing to put in the work, the help room can make a good grade very achievable. Grades aside, it is super cool to understand what you are doing! When I did not have a clue, the help room put everything into perspective.

Fun fact about me A fun fact… Once I played on a randomly assembled basketball team—composed of sixth graders. I was the last kid to show up to the first practice. When the other kids saw me, they all started screaming, “What’s your name?”. When I said Joshua, they all started screaming. Shortly after, I learned that every person on my new team was named Joshua.

Help room hours

Kailey Head


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Future plans: Grad School

What do you recommend doing if you are struggling in class? Come to helproom after trying out problems! We are more than happy to walk you through!

Fun fact about me I am an amateur bee-keeper on my family's farm and orchard!

Help room hours 4:30-5:30pm Friday

Abby Peterson


Major: Computer Science

Future plans: To work in a team doing something I’m passionate about. (A.K.A. still figuring it out)

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed: Don’t be afraid to text your group mates and set up study sessions. Sometimes talking through ideas helps more than you’d think! Also be comfortable communicating with your professor and TA/LAs - that’s the best way we’ll be able to help you!

Fun fact about me I’m doing research for MSU in the Laboratory for Hybrid Quantum Systems, minoring in Dance, and am on the MSU Pompon Team…All fun things!

Help room hours 12:30-1:30pm on Friday

Jaden Hanold


Major:Computer engineering

Future plans:No clue

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed:Have fun with it, this was my favorite class I took so far.

What do you recommend doing if you are struggling in class?: Come to helproom

Fun fact about me:I snowboard

Help room hours 5:30-6:30pm Friday

Nathan Turi


Major: First Year Physics Graduate Student

Future plans: I'm hoping to get my PhD in experimental nuclear physics and going on to do research in either academia or private side.

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed: Approach it with an open mind and be receptive to feedback.

What do you recommend doing if you are struggling in class? If you find that you're struggling with concepts, then help room is always a good resource because it allows for more one-on-one interaction where we can explain things more in depth.

Fun fact about me I would probably be the first person to die in a horror movie.

Help room hours N/A

Paul Irving


Major: Degrees in Physics and Physics Technology and minor in Chemistry PhD in Physics specializing in Physics Education

Future plans: To become an associate professor and go to Hawaii (bucket list place to visit).

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed: The focus in this class is on understanding as opposed to memorizing. If you try to approach the exams by memorizing the solutions to problems you are going to struggle. The key is to focus on understanding how the different concepts are connected to each other. Definitely take notes on the pre-class material and bring all your questions to class - also don't ever let a question go in class - if you have it - ask it.

What do you recommend doing if you are struggling in class? Definitely come talk to me or make arrangements to talk to me but also the LA's have taken the class and have been in your position and often can provide really constructive advice about how to tackle particular struggles.

Fun fact about me I'm Irish, born and bred in Dublin, and moved to the USA to continue my research. When I am not spending time with family and friends I coach a soccer team and am an amateur carpenter (built a bar in my basement which you will see while we are online).

Help room hours 1:30-3:45pm Friday

Hendrik Schatz

Major: A German Physics Dr. Rer. Nat. which is kind of like a PhD (just more fun).

Future plans: Using the new FRIB accelerator at MSU to figure out the origin of the elements

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed: Talk to me or Paul – the sooner we talk about any problems the better we can help. Get in touch after class, or send an e-mail any time.

Fun fact about me Some of the things I like to do in my free time are roasting coffee and making German sausages. I also like to Ski, not sure why I ended up in a flat part of the world …

Help room hours Friday, 9:30 – 11:30.

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