Projects & Practices in Physics

Projects & Practices in Physics is a transformed introductory calculus-based physics course that engages students in scientific practice through the use of modeling projects. Students work in groups to solve complex problems using analytical techniques as well as using computational modeling software. Instructors act as learning facilitators by encouraging students to discuss and debate physics concepts and problems-solving strategies.

Instructional materials have been developed by members of MSU's Physics Education Research Lab as well as faculty in MSU's Department of Physics and Astronomy. Materials are refined based on instructors' experiences, student feedback, and educational research conducted at MSU and elsewhere. Please send comments, feedback, and typos to Danny Caballero.

Materials P-Cubed

Materials EMP-Cubed

The development of course materials and instructional strategies is on-going. Research studies conducted at MSU and elsewhere inform changes to course material and instructional strategies. Access to planning materials is limited to course and research staff.

Course Planning


The development of these materials was partially inspired by the work of our colleagues Ruth Chabay, Bruce Sherwood, Michael Dubson, Brian Bowe, Robert Howard, Vince Kuo, and Pat Kohl. This work has been supported by MSU's CREATE for STEM Institute.

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