Project 14: Choose your own adventure

Your group is to design a problem that incorporates the three main principles the p-cubed course has focused on:

  1. Conservation of Energy
  2. Conservation of Momentum
  3. Conservation of Angular Momentum

Your design should include both the problem statement (storyline, just look at any of ours for details) and the solution to the problem. Imagination is a plus. You should use the four quadrants and include any appropriate sketches (including appropriate measurements and any necessary free-body diagrams). You can write it up on the sheets provided and on the white boards. Try to include a motivation within the problem for all 3 laws of conservation and not just include them randomly.

A good solution will not just be equations but will include some commentary.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to review any physics you had particular difficulty with and the tutors are here to help you consider the correctness of the physics you are trying to include in your problem.

You are being graded as per usual, and so everybody in the group should understand the physics behind the problem you are designing.

The winners of the “choose your own adventure problem” will receive the following:

  • A 100% grade on the weeks problem.
  • Get to act as TA's on Thursday.

Good Luck!

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